[PixelCNC] The premiere CAM software for generating a variety of useful toolpath types directly from 2D images, simulating cuts, and generating G-code for any CNC controller with support for post-processors. Makers, hobbyists, artists, and DIYers no longer need to deal with 3D model geometry, or cumbersome and overly-complicated CAD/CAM software. Turning everyday images into G-code has never been easier or more affordable.

[Holocraft] The one-and-only utility for generating true specular holograms. Generate sets of reflective groove optics from 3D geometry that can then be engraved or scored into a reflective material, such as aluminum.

[NewbieTime] Keep your toddlers preoccuppied on a Windows desktop or laptop with shapes, sounds, and colors without worrying about them inadvertently breaking out to the desktop and ruining all your important files and settings.

[Bitphoria] A procedurally generated wrap-around voxel world multiplayer 3D game engine with a simple scripting system allowing anybody to create and share a wide range of action shooter games.

[deftware.blogspot.com] A blog about technical things from CNC projects and CAM software development to voxel rendering and graphics programming, multiplayer netcode development, and thoughts about algorithms and programming in general.

[twitter.com/BITPHORIA] Follow the development of projects via Twitter.