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Versatile new CAM software which generates a variety of toolpaths for artistic projects such as signs, engravings, and more! Directly composite 2D images, 3D models, and vector graphics together on a virtual project canvas. Built-in generative functions can produce any number of shapes and geometry from 2D paths and imported vectors. Generated toolpaths can then be previewed using a built-in CNC simulation system. Makers, hobbyists, artists, and DIYers no longer need to wrestle with elaborate 3D modeling programs, or cumbersome and overly-complicated CAD/CAM software. This is the CAM software unlike any other.


The one-and-only utility for generating true specular holograms. Generate sets of reflective groove optics from 3D geometry that can then be engraved or scored into a reflective medium - such as aluminum - to produce an intriguing holographic effect akin to "scratch holograms", but done right.


A procedurally generated wrap-around voxel world multiplayer 3D game engine with a simple scripting system allowing anybody to create and share a wide range of games. (Note: master server no longer operating)


Keep your toddlers preoccuppied on a Windows desktop or laptop PC with this simple interactive audio-visual experience that exhibits shapes, sounds, and colors in response to their actions with the keyboard and mouse - without worrying about your little one inadvertently breaking out to the desktop and ruining all of your important files and settings. Now they can work and play on the computer just like you!