[PixelCNC] The versatile new CAM software for generating a variety of novel and unique toolpaths directly from 2D images. PixelCNC generates G-code for any CNC controller with its support for G-code post-processors that can easily be created or modified to suit the dialects expected by a wide range of CNCs. Generated toolpaths can be previewed using the built-in CNC simulation system before actually letting the chips fly. Makers, hobbyists, artists, and DIYers no longer need to deal with 3D model geometry trying to get an image design into material - or with cumbersome and overly-complicated CAD/CAM software. Turning everyday images into G-code this valuable has never been easier or more affordable.

[Holocraft] The one-and-only utility for generating true specular holograms. Generate sets of reflective groove optics from 3D geometry that can then be engraved or scored into a reflective material, such as aluminum.

[Bitphoria] A procedurally generated wrap-around voxel world multiplayer 3D game engine with a simple scripting system allowing anybody to create and share a wide range of action shooter games.

[NewbieTime] Keep your toddlers preoccuppied on a Windows desktop or laptop with shapes, sounds, and colors without worrying about them inadvertently breaking out to the desktop and ruining all your important files and settings.

[deftware.blogspot.com] A blog about technical things from CNC projects and CAM software development to voxel rendering and graphics programming, multiplayer netcode development, and thoughts about algorithms and programming in general.

[twitter.com/BITPHORIA] Follow the development of projects via Twitter.